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New Year, Better Me

New Year, Better Me

I suck at resolutions. You won’t see me making any promises to lose a certain number of pounds or read a certain number of books, none of that. I don’t even like the concept of “New Year, New Me!” because I don’t want to be a new me. I want to be a better version of the same old me. I am a work in progress, so my only goal or resolution is to just keep getting better.

I do like having a word for the year although I did have a difficult time coming up with one. At first, I considered grace, but I’m not much of a graceful person. Then I thought about acceptance, but that’s not really something I feel like I need to work on. So I finally settled on connection. Connecting with myself, my spirituality, my family, and even my friends. This is what it’s going to take for me to feel more grounded.

As far as the grace and acceptance part, those came from this quote by one of my favorite authors, the lovely Tarryn Fisher. Even though connection summarizes my goals for the year, I’m also going to let Tarryn’s words guide me through the next 51 weeks as well.

Let 2019 be the year of acceptance and grace, for yourself and for others. Love thy flaws. Do good to those who don’t necessarily deserve it. Use your gifts to serve and heal.

Tarryn Fisher

Anyway, this is going to be a short post, I just needed to get something on here before we got too far into January. Got a lot of stuff happening — mandatory overtime at work, putting those money ducks in a row so I can get a new car this Spring, getting all of my transcripts and financial aid together so I can finally finish my degree, and helping The Kid get through her junior year. Oh and she’s got a website to build too which translates into I have a website to build.

Expect another post on Friday. That’ll have a theme, inspired by my dear friend Mary that I met through “mommy blogging” several years ago and who also plans on returning to blogging soon too. Mary does “F*ck It Friday” on Facebook and I’ll be doing “F*ck Off Friday” on my blog. See, one of the things I’m working on is being less negative, so if I know that I can release all of that once a week, it’ll be easier to manage. So, yeah, come rant with me every Friday! You’re welcome to add your own f*ck-offs. (Speaking of Facebook, I got hit with a 24 hour ban this past weekend and I really didn’t miss it. Other than worrying about a pregnant dog in one of my groups, there wasn’t really anything I needed to see on there. Reddit seems more appealing right now anyway.)

2 thoughts on “New Year, Better Me

  1. I feel like I need to get more into Reddit. I’m so, so ready for something besides (well, in addition to) Facebook. I know Reddit’s been around a while, but is it the next big thing?

    1. (I just realized I wasn’t getting comment notifications! Sorry, Kim!) Yeah I’ve had an account for years but never really used it. I love being able to have more control over what I see. Plus it’s more anonymous, and yet it’s still got a great community vibe whenever someone needs support.

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