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F*ck Off Friday for January 11

F*ck Off Friday for January 11

As I said in my last post, F*ck Off Friday is weekly rant session where I let out all of the rage I’ve stockpiled throughout the week and also give YOU a chance to do the same. So let’s see who needs to f*ck off this week!

Facebook for banning me

I got hit with a 24-hour ban on Sunday because some snowflake didn’t like being called a twit. In a comment on an article about a 26-year-old man who died from type 1 diabetes because he couldn’t afford his insulin, some redneck with a IROC Z-28 for a profile photo stated that the young man’s death was caused by “Obummercare” to which I replied that the Affordable Care Act was the reason he was able to be on his mother’s insurance until he was 26. In response, Mr. IROC posted a bunch of irrelevant Kaepernick memes including one showing Kaepernick in a Dallas Cowgirls cheerleader uniform that had absolute fuckall to do with the article. I mean, of all of the colorful words I’ve used on the internet, Facebook puts me in jail over “twit”?? Really?

R. Kelly and anyone who defends him

Look, we’ve known for years that R. Kelly is a pedophile. Those rumors were going around back when Aaliyah was still alive. There have been numerous articles, interviews with victims, witnesses….basically there’s absolutely no reason to doubt the accusations against R. Kelly unless you just flat out hate women, particularly black women. I don’t give a shit if he makes good music, I don’t give a shit if Lady Gaga says he’s cool. I don’t want to hear from anyone who is still digging for excuses on this man’s behalf. End of discussion.

Trump and his stupid wall

Shut up about the stupid wall! There are 800,000 people who aren’t getting a paycheck today because of this damn wall. Meanwhile, someone managed to bring in enough fentanyl to kill every single one of those 800,000 people through a port in Philadelphia and our airports are less secure because TSA workers rightfully decided that they weren’t going to work for free. So while Mango Mussolini keeps ranting on Twitter about his stupid wall, I’ll just sit over here and keep praying that either Mueller drops a bomb or the Cheeto-in-Chief finally just keels over from a heart attack.

The two women who sexually assaulted a trans woman in a bathroom

Did you see this shit? Two cisgender women assaulted a transgender woman in the bathroom of a bar in North Carolina. The assault was both verbal and sexual and the two women were arrested. As far as I’m concerned, it should be considered as a hate crime and they should also have to register as sex offenders. Funny how all of the bigots out there kept telling us that it was the trans people that were dangerous. Remember, trans men and women are more likely to be the victim of assault rather than a perpetrator.

“Christian” protestors who made little kids cry

So you’ve probably heard about the drag queen storytimes that are being held at public libraries in various parts of the country. And you’re probably also aware that some people apparently have a problem with these events because OMG they’re corrupting those poor children’s minds and confusing them! Well these assnuggets in Tennessee decided to protest, crowding the small room where storytime was being held which left families stuck in the hall with crying children who just wanted to hear Miss Kitty Lovelle tell them about some llamas in red pajamas. (Actually, she was reading them a book about diversity and inclusion called All Are Welcome followed by some playtime and dancing.)

*deep breath in, deep breath out* Whew! I feel a lot better! Y’all, I’ve been holding this stuff in all week just to try and limit the amount of negative energy that I’m putting out there and, lemme tell ya, it wasn’t exactly easy!

So here’s your chance to drop your “f*ck offs” in the comments and then we’ll sage the shit out of this place and move on.

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