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Please Don’t Fondle the Musicians! (Unless They Ask)

Please Don’t Fondle the Musicians! (Unless They Ask)

Big concerts aren’t usually my thing. I’d rather spend a $10 cover charge to see a local band up close than spend $300 to sit in a nosebleed section of a giant arena. I don’t need all of the theatrics and fancy lights and assigned seats and $7 sodas. I like watching mosh pits from a wobbly bar stool with a torn vinyl seat.

There are, of course, a few exceptions. I took my oldest kid to see Slipknot and Rob Zombie (two different shows, that is) many moons ago. My youngest kid has been really lucky. Her first concert was KISS and that’s because she was my ‘plus one’ back when I was doing music reviews. She also got to see Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber thanks to my mother. In fact, Justin Bieber was the last big concert either of us had been to. It wasn’t long after that show that her taste in music started to evolve. Her big brother and I took her to the House Party Tour — A Day to Remember, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil — for her 11th birthday. Not long after that, she went to Warped for the first time. And once she dove even deeper into that whole scene, she started going to those shows. (She’s working on being a concert photographer and she’s pretty damn good at it, but I’ll save that for another post.)

But some bands are worth the extra cash. Sometimes the stars align and I find myself with some extra cash living minutes away from a major venue when tickets for a band that I love go on sale. That’s how I ended up at a Panic! at the Disco concert with my kid and her best friend.

It was an absolutely spectacular show and Brendon Urie is one hell of a performer. Both of the girls had an unforgettable night and so did I. But rather than write a review of the concert, I’m more interested in addressing an issue that could potentially ruin this amazing event for other fans.

See, there’s this thing that Urie does during the performance that’s called “the death walk” where he leaves the stage and walks along the floor of the arena, singing “Death of a Bachelor” and greeting fans with handshakes and hugs along the way. He makes his way towards the back of the floor where a white piano awaits. Once he makes it to the piano, he tells a story about how he hated taking piano lessons as a kid but he learned to play a song that his mom liked. He then performs a beautiful cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” as the platform rises above the crowd and carries Urie back to the stage. (We had great seats right behind the piano platform!)

Unfortunately, fans are getting a little too grabby. Initially, the band’s manager warned fans that this part of the show would be removed if fans continued to act inappropriately towards Urie. Now I’m not sure what all has happened but I believe there was some face-licking or hand-kissing or something involved. Within days of this warning, yet another incident happened when a fan in Omaha kissed Urie on the neck. Seriously?? So now they’re at the point where they’ll be forced to remove fans who can’t follow the rules. And I’m not talking about rules of the tour, I am talking about the rules of basic human decency that say you should keep your hands to yourself and don’t kiss people without their consent.

Oy! It’s 2019, people. Why do we still keep having this conversation? I’m pretty sure that most of us were told by the time we finished kindergarten that you can’t just go grabbing on other people. And you definitely don’t kiss strangers on their face or neck! Yes, Brendon Urie is a stranger, no matter how much you think you know him. He does not know you, he did not give you permission to kiss him, and *ahem* he is married! Just because he’s famous, it’s not okay. Got it? Let’s not forget the double standards either. Just because he’s a dude, it’s still not okay. Grabbing a girl’s ass in a mosh pit, kissing a famous artist during a performance…not a whole lot of difference there. JUST. DON’T.

On a completely unrelated note, January was chaos around here and it ended with me spending almost an entire week in bed thanks to a back injury. But now that things are slowing down, I’m hoping *fingers crossed* to get on a more consistent blogging schedule.

Oh, and one more thing before I go. Screw the Patriots, screw Tom Brady, and screw the NFL!

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