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How a ComiCon Inspired Me to Write Again

How a ComiCon Inspired Me to Write Again

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. And before that last post, it had been a while too. Honestly, I’m really not too sure about this blogging thing. I used to enjoy it, I’m still friends with a few people that I met through blogging ten years ago, but now I’m just sort of meh about it all. I mean, what’s the point? The people who are really interested in what I’m doing with my life are already keeping up with me on Facebook. And my stalkers just check up on my Twitter account. So why am I even here?

Well this past weekend, I went to Planet ComiCon for the second year in a row. With last year being the first time, we spent most of the weekend just walking around and checking everything out. Now that we’re more familiar with it all, we took the time to attend some panels. And I walked away from them feeling pretty inspired, especially when it comes to writing.

The first panel I attended was titled “Self-Publishing 101: The Do’s, The Don’ts, and the How-To” hosted by two women, Kristin Helling and J.R. Frontera, who are authors and owners of Wordwraith Books. They provided helpful information, shared their own experiences, and left us with a list of resources to take home.

On Saturday, we started off the day with “A New Hope: Geeks and Mental Health” which ended up being one of my favorites. The hosts were all geeks, nerds, and cosplayers who had personal experience with mental health issues. Two of the hosts chose to share that they live with a mental illness themselves. Another is a mental health professional, and the final host revealed that he grew up with parents who struggled with mental illness and addiction. It was comforting to sit in a room full of people who were also trying to figure out how to keep depression and anxiety from interfering with their creativity and their craft.

I had hoped to follow that one up with another panel on Saturday afternoon about writing but we sort of got sidetracked and missed it. But on Sunday, we ended up at one called “Consistently Creating Through Mental Illness” which was similar to the “New Hope” panel from the day before. The hosts on this panel, however, were artists, writers, and podcasters. The focus this time was more on creating art rather than indulging in geekdom. (Not that cosplay isn’t art, of course, but you get what I’m saying, right?) I walked away from this panel with some practical tips to help me find my momentum and to keep it going once I do.

The final panel we went to was one about women in TV, that one was just for fun. We just basically geeked out over TV shows and talked about what we like about the women characters, what we felt was missing, etc. And, yes, we did a lot of shopping while we were there. I’m really big on supporting local artists and small businesses, so we bought a lot of prints, pins, and stickers. It’s usually pretty expensive to meet the celebrity guests so I limit myself to just one and this year that one was Lori Petty. She was fantastic! I had asked on Twitter if she’d sign my DVD of Prey for Rock & Roll and SHE RESPONDED AND SAID SHE WOULD! AND THEN SHE DID!

Stuff like this is the reason why I moved halfway across the country to a city I’d never lived in before. I love being just a few minutes away from events like this. (It took me longer to park than it did to get there!) It does suck that we’re like 3 hours away from my daughter and my grandbabies, but I did get to see them last weekend and we’ll be going back this summer. But I love that we’re surrounded by thriving artist communities, whether it’s writers, illustrators, musicians, or photographers, and I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to meet up with them or at least support them. Now I’m just hoping that all of this inspiration that I soaked up over the past three days will linger around long enough for me to actually get some damn writing done!

2 thoughts on “How a ComiCon Inspired Me to Write Again

  1. What sort of writing do you do? I’d love to find an online community that is smallish and supportive. I miss writing. I do blog, but that’s a wasteland now, and there is no real sense of community there because everyone is on social media.

    I wonder why I keep a website, too….and I guess it’s basically so I can “own” my stuff instead of trusting social media sites to be around forever for me to be able to access my stuff. I think social media gets the best of me because if I posted my better-liked Facebook posts on a blog instead, they’d get zero views. I guess I hold on hoping blogging will come back like it once was. Or even different than it was. But it looks like social media defeated it once and for all.

    I am glad y’all had fun at the ComiCon!

    1. I’ve got a few different works in progress including a romance novel and a family drama. I need to pick one and stick with it though, it’s all sort of scattered around in my head and I’m not getting far with any of them.

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