A (Wo)Man with a Plan

A (Wo)Man with a Plan

Between starting a new job and a few online classes plus writing for yet another pop culture site, my blog here was painfully neglected. It was constantly hovering over me, nagging at me…”Why aren’t you blogging?!” I just didn’t have time or the energy or the topics.

And now that I’ve settled into the job, narrowed down the classes to one (sometimes two) at a time, and quitting the other writing job, I think it’s time. After writing for other people, I now have a better sense of what I want to do with my own blog, and I’ve (sort of) got a schedule. Like the title says, I’m a (wo)man with a plan.

The subjects will be a bit different. I’m going to incorporate some of the entertainment writing I was doing because I enjoyed doing it but now I’ll also have complete say about the who/what/when/why. I’ll cover the music I want to cover and I’ll get dibs on every single Wonder Woman related post. I’ve also got some book reviews lined up thanks to ARCs I often get from First to Read. Thanks to the journalism classes I’ve been taking, I’ll also be using this as a place to post some of my work from that on my blog. And, of course, there’s the lifestyle stuff, especially the whole parenting a teen thing.

A quick glance through this site should tell you that you really can’t expect much in terms of frequency and consistency. I go through phases where I love blogging and then I go through phases where I get sick of it. This is one of the love phases.

Here’s a few things you can expect: Music Mondays in which I’ll either write about new releases or something that I’m currently digging; Wonder Woman posts, especially leading up to the release of the movie in June; Friday roundups where I post about what caught my attention throughout the week. Oh, and sometime soon, I’ll catch up on some things that happened while I was gone, like the time we went to President Jimmy Carter’s church service and how my son got to visit the Full House house while he was on tour.

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around. Be sure to say hi and let me know you’re here. (Kim, thanks for encouraging me to post again!)


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